Aopu Yuba how the main types are divided into several

Yuba is a small bath appliance that integrates bathroom heating, infrared therapy, bathroom ventilation, daily lighting, and decoration with a combination of a special waterproof infrared light and ventilation fan. Yuba's brand is more and more numerous, the following with Xiao Bian together to see the specific introduction of the Australian Yuba .

Aopu Yuba Introduction

Aopu Yuba is one of the main products of Hangzhou Opu Electric Co., Ltd. Since 1993, Aopu has developed the first product that combines heating, lighting, and ventilation with three functions and named it “Yuba”. After more than ten years of production and sales, Opports has provided tens of thousands of users with the aim to improve their daily lives. He changed the Chinese people's way of bathing for thousands of years.

Since 1993, Aopu Company has developed the first product that integrates heating, lighting and ventilation functions and has been named “Yuba”. After more than ten years of production and sales, Aopu has become a national user. Provides Aupu bathroom heaters designed to improve life, he changed the Chinese way of bathing for thousands of years. Aupu was once synonymous with China's Yuba; Opu was honored by the press as the ancestor of China's Yuba; Opu is the founder of the Yuba industry and is also the leader in the Yuba industry.

Aopu focuses on all professional advantages, professional design, professional manufacturing, professional services. Developing and operating in a professional field is dedicated to the development and promotion of small home appliances. Aopu adopts advanced production technology and management mode and devotes itself to R&D and manufacturing. Aopu understands the quality of the road, always "professional" legislation, "safety" as the highest standard, establish a high profile in the bathroom industry.

The main types of Aupu Yuba

1, 4-in-1 heating bath. It is a combination of heating, lighting, ventilation, and air blowing. The heating power varies with room temperature, resulting in high thermal efficiency. During use, indoor air forms convection and is heated cyclically. The machine's strong ventilation function can quickly eliminate the bathroom's fog and cloudiness.

2, anion purification function Yuba. In the heating process, it can also play a role in purifying indoor air. This is a multi-functional bathroom heater with warm air, warm lighting, lighting, ventilation, hair-drying and anion. It uses pin-type resistance wire as heat source and heats quickly. Built-in negative ion generator, through the ionization, can effectively purify the bathroom air, easy to health.

3, three-in-one affordable Yuba. Is a set of heating, lighting, ventilation in one, usually two or three lights, low prices and more practical, ideal for heating and ventilation. In addition, the Yuba has the latest dual protection features and is safer to use.

4, intelligent automatic five-in-one Yuba. It is a combination of heating, lighting, ventilation, air blowing, and wind guide. It has built-in electric overheat protector, which automatically turns off when it reaches a certain amount of heat. This type of Yuba adopts the domestic first double ultra-thin design. The thickness of the panel and the thickness of the cabinet are reduced by 40% compared with the normal bathroom fighter.

5, infrared broadband radiation Yuba. Specially processed infrared emitting elements can emit a wide spectrum of infrared radiation, which can quickly activate human cells and provide a comfortable and comfortable bath. This type of Yuba uses a special four-inch wide spectrum hard quartz infrared heating lamp, without preheating, just press the strong, weak two-block control switch, instantly make the bathroom temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, with a waterproof remote control , free to adjust temperature.

Information about Aopu Yuba was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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