Aluminum doors and windows to buy, do not be dazzled by the blind

Aluminum doors and windows to buy, do not be dazzled by the blind

[China Aluminum Network] aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories, home essentials. The variety of varieties on the market makes consumers dazzled. Due to the lack of knowledge in this area at ordinary times, it is always a matter of great concern when selecting them. The following suggestions will have reference value for you to buy aluminum alloy doors and windows.

1, carefully choose the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Mainly divided into two kinds of monochrome and wood color. The general color is white, gray, wood color such as North American oak, South Asian rosewood, Basswood, incense sandalwood, red sandalwood. From the aspect of paint color, the color of the aluminum door needs to be combined with the decoration style and design of your home, so that the harmonious atmosphere can be perfectly combined.

2, choose healthy, environmentally friendly materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows

During the purchase process, you will certainly smell the smell of the doors and windows. Poor materials, doors and windows can cause respiratory damage, followed by dizziness, headaches. The material of high-quality aluminum alloy doors is made of good, healthy and environmentally friendly aluminum profiles. The odor is subdued and generally smells no smell for a while.

3, details of doors and windows are critical

Dealing with the details of the doors and windows is equivalent to admiring a carefully crafted handicraft. Its connection, colloidal bonding, and extrusion processes are products that are processed through multiple steps and multiple processes. The handling of the details concerns the aesthetics and longevity of the doors and windows. When purchasing, please carefully inquire, select, read the product specification, and understand the forming process.

4, emphasis on texture

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the patron saint of a home. The quality is good or bad is to determine the value of a door and window. When buying, it can be judged by touch to see if it is rough, cracked, and poorly colored. Regular aluminum alloy doors and windows, the label will be written on the manufacturers, origin, model, specifications and so on. Beware of buying fake, inferior products.

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