Wearing a mask no longer feels that shame is an improve…

Within two weeks, Beijing suffered severe smog attacks twice. This time for the first time, Beijing released the red warning of heavy air pollution. Emergency measures such as the suspension of classes in primary and secondary schools and the limited number of single and double numbers have started-----

Nissan announces latest wireless charging station

According to European worldcarfans on December 10, Nissan recently announced relevant information on a wireless charging system, which was described as "Future Gas Station." This wireless charging system, jointly developed by Nissan and Foster Architects, is a roadside-----

Characteristics and application of processing materials…

Generally used in the manufacture of carburizing and welding parts, such as connecting rods, pins, camshafts, gears, couplings, hinges, etc. The quasi-deformation plasticity is very good, the cold workability and the weldability are very high, but the composition segregation tends to be large, an-----

Non-extremely low temperature weather does not affect c…

At 11 °C outdoor, the EV160 increased its power by 7% after 30 minutes of charging, reaching 71%, which is not much different from the EV200. Nowadays, due to the existence of some advantageous factors such as policies and prices, new energy vehicles have become more and more popular among the-----

Six questions about fire pumps

The first question is whether it is necessary for multi-storey buildings to be equipped with special firefighting. "Building temporary high-pressure water supply systems, fire fighting water tanks or pressure water tanks, water towers should be set up." In accordance with this provision, -----

FYS-type fluoroplastic anti-corrosive liquid pump preca…

FNS fluoride plastic corrosion-resistant liquid under the pump is a fluoride alloy chemical pump, mainly to solve the problem of transportation of corrosive media. Then in use, should pay attention to what matters? FYS Fluoroplastic anti-corrosive liquid pump Note 1 handling, lifting, the force poi-----

Baodi Home Textiles

Home textiles are used by every family. When we purchase home textiles, besides looking good in style, brands, comfort, quality, and price are the focus of attention. Baodi Home Textiles is a relatively well-known brand. Next, let's take a look at Breguet Home Textiles in all aspects! Breguet-----