Dalan Motor analyzes the harm caused by three-phase unb…

What are the hazards of three-phase unbalance on the motor? Following the specific analysis of Dalan Motor's small series, mainly reflected in the following six aspects of the three-phase imbalance caused to the motor? Following the specific analysis of Dalan Motor's small series, it is ma-----

What is the characteristic of Desiman smart lock?

There are many smart lock brands on the market. How to choose a smart lock product that suits you is a problem that every user has to face. The following Xiaobian will introduce the characteristics of Desiman smart lock for everyone, hoping to be able to It is helpful to choose smart locks in the f-----

CCTV's "Light of Science and Technology" …

Recently, the 10th program of China Central Television's "Lighting of Science and Technology" group entered the body to protect the mask company, and conducted an in-depth interview on "The New Way to Manage Campus Pollution." The campus is a place for children to learn and-----

Liu Bingbing, a research group at Jilin University, mad…

Abstract Recently, Professor Liu Bingbing from the State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials of Jilin University has made important breakthroughs in the research of high-pressure new structure of carbon. The result is "NovelSuperhardsp3CarbonAllotropefromC... Recently, Professor Liu B-----

Double suction centrifugal pump structural features and…

Double suction centrifugal pump for conveying water or other physical and chemical properties similar to water, according to user needs, by changing the pump structure and material can be used to transport more muddy water or various corrosive liquids, the series pumps for factories, mines, Urban -----

How to improve the gym? Gym decoration renderings

One of the most important tasks in investing in a gym is renovation. However, if you don't understand the decoration functions and features of the gym, it is very likely to be renovated into a hotel, a bathhouse, a store, and so on. How can the gym be decorated? The following deco-----

Failure Analysis of 10.9 Grade High Strength Bolts

A transition zone of approximately 15. Bolt fracture morphology 1.2 Crack position and state shows that the fracture is located between the tooth 1 and the tooth 2, and is concentrated on the tooth root of the tooth 1 . Looking at the assembly drawing, the 3rd to 6th thread is located at the counter-----